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Code - The enemy within
After nearly two years of hard work the first Code album "The enemy within" will finally be out on the market on the 24th of January 2007. The boys started recording the album in December 2004 and recordings have been made both in Sweden (Växjö) and in USA (Studio City, California). Famous drummer Gregg Bissonette is laying down some heavy grooves on all the songs.

Click on the song titles below to listen to the songs!

Songs - Mp3 files
1. The enemy within
2. Sign up for love
3. Home away from home
4. In the shadows
5. How do we stay in love
6. My Time
7. Alive
8. The uninvited guest
9. Change the world
10. Flying high
11. Sworn to silence
12. My beautiful distraction (bonus Japan)

Sherwood Ball - lead and background vocals
Anders Rydholm - bass, guitars and keyboards
Ola af Trampe - guitars


Gregg Bissonette - drums
Per Svensson - background vocals

Recorded in GodisPåScen studio, Växjö and Mahhe studios Californa, USA. Drums recorded in Castle Oaks Studios, California, USA by Steve Sykes.

Mixed and mastered by Anders Rydholm in GodisPaScen studios, Sweden.

Japanese release:
Marquee/Avalon (MICP-10632)

European release:
Escape Music Ltd (ESM144)

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