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"Myhology" with Demon "Kakka" Kogure
H.E: Demon Kogure's album Mythology. An album with fresh new songs written by H.E Demon Kakka. This album also features 6 duets with famous Japanese singers. Produced and arranged by Anders Rydholm during 2011 - 2012.

1. Beyond the Blue
2. 雷電為右衛門
3. A story of the ages
4. Rebirth-day song
5. Tattoos on the skye
6. ようこそ 陰種島へ
7. Medleyさんちゃご 〜神の王国
8. 愛・希望・勇気
9. めいかいしん-ひらくのせいだん
10. Life west is under your seat
11. Raining in the sunshine
12. Weasal Rock You
13. Sola

Demon Kogure - Vocals
Anders Rydholm - Bass, guitars, keyboards
Muris Varajic - Guitar solos
Ola af Trampe
- Rhythm guitar on Intaneto
Steve Lukather - Guitar solo
Gregg Bissonette- Drums
Raiden Yuzawa - Drums
Tony Morra - Drums
Per Svensson - Background vocals
Peter Sundell - Background vocals
Chuck Findley - Trumpet
Charley Davies - Trumpet
Gary Herbig - Saxophone
Nick Lane - Trombone

Guest Artists
AKANE LIV(LIV MOON)、小柳ゆき、赤飯、TAKE(Skoop On Somebody)、ヒダカトオル(MONOBRIGHT/Ex. BEAT CRUSADERS)、未唯mie(ピンク・レディー, May J.

Recorded in GodisPaScen, Vaxjo, Sweden by Anders Rydholm
Drums recorded by Frank Rosato in Woodcliff studios, Sherman Oaks, CA, USA and in the Downtown Batteri Nashville by Tony Morra.

Produced and arranged by: Anders Rydholm

Japanese release:
Avex AVCD-23767/B (with DVD)
Avex AVCD-23768 (CD only)

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