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Grand Illusion - View from the top
An album that went very smooth to do. All the guys in the band were enthusiastic other the well recieved previous album (The book..) and therefore it was an ease to do "View from the top". Roger Ljunggren from T'Bell helped out with most of the guitar solos and brought a lot of energy to the recordings. Mixed in England together with Pete Coleman.

Music: Anders Rydholm
Lyrics: Ola Karlsson, Chris Ousey

Click on the song titles below to listen to the songs!

Songs - Mp3 files
1. I refuse
2. Battle for four heart
3. Zeroes and ones
4. The prophecy of the returning son
5. Between dark and dawn
6. Straight face
7. Gotta give it up
8. Who's it gonna be
9. Positively negative
10. Blinded
11. Itch in my brain
12. Don't hurt yourself (Japanese bonus track)

Anders Rydholm - keyboards, bass, guitars, producer, arranger
Peter Sundell - lead and background vocals
Per Svensson - lead and background vocals
Christian Sundell - drums
Roger Ljunggren - guitar solos
Steve Morris- guitars on "Gotta give it up"
Per Thuresson - guitar solo

Recorded in GodisPåScen studio, Växjö 2001 - 2002 by Anders Rydholm. Mixed by Pete Coleman and Anders Rydholm.

Japanese release:
Marquee/Avalon (MICP-10305)

European release:
Escape Music Ltd (ESM076)

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