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The album was recorded during the summer of 2002. This musical was also recorded before the actual staging of the musical and released at the premiere in November 2002 to help with the promotion and marketing of the musical. Some performers on this CD are also on the stage but some were substitued to do a great CD of the musical. John Martin Bengtsson, Anki Albertsson, Peter Sundell, Björn Elmgren, Petter Ahlfors are some of the performers.

Music: Anders Rydholm
Lyrics: Lasse Johanson

Click on the song titles below to listen to the songs!

Songs - Mp3 files
1. Out on the blue ocean
2. Gothenburg
3. Mighty blue sea
4. El Campo Espanol
5. The language of love
6. The prince choice
7. I am Tabuteau
8. The jewel of the crown
9. Just us
10. China
11. Back to Gothenburg

The cast
John Martin Bengtsson - The captain Moreen
Anki Albertsson - Juanita Gonzales
Peter Sundell - jakob Hyllgren
Petter Ahlfors - The Javanese prince
Björn Elmgren - Agust Tabueatu
Birger Ström - Henrik Palmaer
Ulrika Skoglund - Charlotte Palmaer
Patrik Dahlberg - Anders Gothem
Mats Ericsson - Niklas Ström
Per Svensson - Månsson
Claes Dahlberg - Rundsten

Anders Rydholm - keyboards, bass, guitar, drums, producer, arranger
Acoustic spanish guitars - Kjell Klaesson
Stefan Leoson - guitar solo
Bosse Jansson- saxophone, clarinet
Joackim Wickström - trumpet
Johan Holmberg - trumpet
Magnus Wiklund - trombon

Recorded and mixed in GodisPåScen studio, Växjö 2002 by Anders Rydholm.

All rights reserved GodisPåScen AB.

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